Plianto Technologies

Institutes of higher learning are grappling to overcome various operational challenges w.r.t scale, scope, security and statutory. An overwhelming number of student applications, complex and the ever-changing academic regulations (for course registration, program completion, etc.) and various other operational demands are proving that existing systems and processes are woefully inadequate and inefficient.

Almost every institute, big or small, has immense scope for streamlining operations across activities. In fact, the need of the hour is a scalable, flexible and future-ready system that can facilitate the integration of various subsystems for achieving greater operational efficiency.

In order to achieve better operational efficiencies and to facilitate effective management, it is imperative that academic institutions have a comprehensive and customizable management system with scalable modules and an automated backend. In addition, intuitive features and an easy to use platform play a major role in improving adaption and aiding organization-wide applicability.

Plianto Technologies is a team of experts having a combined experience of more than 60 years in software design and development. The company develops flexible and innovative software solutions for higher education institutions.