Academic Institute Management System(AIMS)

Plianto Technologies, IIT Hyderabad incubation center based software products development company, has developed Academic Institute Management System (AIMS), which offers a suite of smart features that allow seamless integration of resources, and processes for enabling improved performance.

Designed by experts from the Indian Institute of Technology, with a firsthand experience of the challenges in this field, our solution enables streamlined campus management. From student lifecycle, placement workflows and resource management to accounts and R&D management, inventory and purchasing, AIMS offers end-to-end integration, simplifies operations and makes the entire process more transparent, efficient, flexible and hassle-free.

Our engineers provide in-depth training about the product installation,configuration and maintenance. We assist you closely through the installation phase, and also customize the product to suit your institution’s exact needs.


Loaded with cutting-edge features, AIMS is an efficient and effective solution for the varied operational requirements of your institution.

The interactive interface and flexible backend enables seamless management of processes and resources. AIMS can easily be integrated with various other software solutions to provide for a robust management system.